Build an Effective Team in 5 Simple Steps


Teamwork makes the dream work. Or so they say…

There are many important factors that come into play when building or being part of a durable team. Communication is key, goal setting is absolutely crucial, and trust must be woven through the foundation of a solid team. We built Paras to help soothe some of the pain points associated with teamwork, and our platform allows you to easily track your team’s initiatives and milestones. Here are our top five recommendations for building an effective team:

1. Open Mindness

When it comes to working with others, it’s always important to keep an open mind. Imagine being in an ideation meeting and having every idea you pitch get shut down by another one of your team members. By keeping an open mind, and working with others who maintain the same mindset, you will be able to break boundaries move forward as a team.

Try to make an active effort with your team by talking through ideas and working together to come up with a solution that fits the strides of your group. If everyone on your team has an open mind, the possibilities of what you can achieve together are endless!

2. Trust

The essence of effective teamwork is trust, and sometimes it feels a little bit like falling backwards with your eyes closed hoping your partners will catch you.

Building trust can be challenging and is something many teams have to work through. A team that has trust in one another is bound to be successful because there is no worry that an important piece of a project will fall through the cracks. Trust among team members will give confidence to every member to  step up, go the extra mile, and take risks without doubts.

3. Proactive Communication

Communication is absolutely key when you’re trying to build a team that withstands the test of time. It all starts with creating a space where people are able to voice their thoughts and opinions -- when every member of your team feels solid in their role and environment, they will be able to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Another important part of team communication is that it’s an avenue for feedback, whether it be about the company, the team as a whole, or about an individual’s performance. Feedback can be a lifesaver, especially when facilitated in professional environment. At the end of the day, a cohesive team wants the best for their teammates, so constructive communication can be the missing piece in a truly functional and effective team.

4. Shared understanding of goals

Goals are crucial to completing projects and achieving milestones. They are also one of the binding agents of a successful team. Being in the know with regards to goals seems like a give in, but you’d be surprised to know how many teams suffer from not being aligned and aware of KPI’s.

Take the initiative to schedule a goal setting meeting with your teammates. Highlight the importance of writing out both individual and team goals, and set a date to check in on the progress of these goals. By keeping everyone accountable, it’ll be easier to accomplish more, together.

5. Celebration!

The best part of working with an awesome group of people (outside of spending every weekday with them) is the point in time when you complete a project or sprint and are able to celebrate! It’s very important to celebrate accomplishments, both small and big especially after long hours of hard work. This not only promotes a positive work environment, but is also the perfect time to tell your coworkers how much you appreciate them.

Plan a team happy hour at the end of each quarter to celebrate some of the projects you’ve worked on together. This will help boost morale and also provides an opportunity for some good old fashion bonding!

While there will always be a few kinks to iron out when building an effective team, it’s important to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to trust, communication, and the other characteristics listed above. Your team can easily become a well oiled machine if everyone is on the same page and commits to going above and beyond what’s expected. By working with open minded collaborators, you’ll surely go above and beyond your goals!

Interested in creating an avenue for seamless communication for your team? Try Paras today.

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