Work Hard and Don't Forget to Celebrate!


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re always on the go. Constantly running from meeting to meeting, working through projects at lightning speed, and then doing it all over again. This fast paced work lifestyle is the norm now, and is hard to interrupt due to the demands of the modern workplace.

One thing that is regularly overlooked in an entrepreneurs busy schedule, is the acknowledgement of small wins and greater accomplishments. Sure you finished yet another project, but did you step back and give yourself and your teammates a pat on the back? Did you take the time to celebrate your wins before moving on to the next project?

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out the last time you celebrated a work achievement, we’re here to tell you that if you haven’t, you absolutely need to start. If you’re constantly working through projects, and don’t take the time to review your successes, it’s highly likely that you will begin to feel burnt out and less motivated to work at the pace you’ve been working. Start celebrating your wins, as well as you team’s, and you will find success even more attainable (and enjoyable).


Celebrate Your Team

As a leader, it’s important to foster the culture of celebrating successes with your team. Say your team works towards the flawless execution of an important project: what do you do to congratulate and celebrate them? Instead of skipping the acknowledgements and heading straight to assigning new tasks, take this as an opportunity to be a good leader and reflect on the good work that they’ve done.

Celebration is the perfect time to look at the goals that have been accomplished, and what it means for the overall growth and success of the company. It also serves as a reminder of the goals you and your team set, and why you set them in the first place. When your employees remember the reason behind the work they’re doing after achieving a goal, they’ll be inspired to do more. Celebration fuels motivation, and there’s no harm in creating more of that for your team ;)


Celebrate Yourself

The act of celebrating is a surefire way to bring happiness and positivity to your life. Why leave celebrations to birthdays and anniversaries when you should be incorporating it into your professional life as well? Your professional accomplishments deserve the same attention you give other celebratory moments in your life, so be sure to treat yourself to something nice the next time you reach a work milestone.

If you skip the celebrations every time you complete a sprint, your brain will start treating every accomplishment as the same, and you will start to experience less focus and a slow creep towards burnout. Celebratory events after you achieve something great builds momentum and helps reinforce your belief in what you’re doing.

All in all, recognition and celebration of professional accomplishments are necessary for ultimate success. Extend your achievements by learning how to pause and reflect on all of the great work you and your team have done, and make a toast for future milestones!

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