Why We Love Paras

Why We Love Paras

We live in busy world. We have jobs that make us wish there were more hours in a day. We do our best to balance our schedule so we have room for socializing and spending quality time with our loved ones. And on top of it all, we strive to be as successful as possible in all aspects of life.

With the amount of ambition woven into our day to day comes the need for tools and practices that help us with the intricacies of a busy schedule. Task management can be messy and confusing but not when you have an all in one tool that does the heavy lifting for you. Paras is our favorite project management tool and solution for life on the go and we’re here to tell you why!

Paras is a central hub – for everything.

Paras combines powerful organizational tools, tracks deadlines, and highlights accomplishments to helps motivate us to get things done in full and on time. For those of you managing teams, Paras makes collaboration and communication a breeze. You’re able to check in on your team and their progress whether you’re in the office or on the go, since everything is at your fingertips! This helps reduce the likelihood of miscommunication or missing details, allowing you to run your business effectively.

We use Paras for work, but also for life outside of work; you can easily create your own structure by setting up different projects for work, family, personal, social... the list goes on. Take advantage of the deep feature set that Paras offers to create more structure in your life.

Paras is easy to use.

One of the most useful aspects of Paras is that it eliminates the problem of multiple documents, group texts, email chains, and task lists. Paras streamlines and simplifies project management so you don’t have to rely on a makeshift system that would most likely allow things to slip through the cracks.

With aesthetically pleasing visual design and a simple interface, Paras is extremely easy and fun to use! Each feature works together to form a solid project management system catered to your needs as a business owner, solo-preneur, or team member. All you have to do is enter tasks and deadlines, delegate tasks to your team members, and keep track of progress. Paras acts as a platform for you to accomplish your goals and aims to help make your life a little easier.

Paras increases productivity.

The best thing about Paras is that it helps you reach peak productivity! We’re always looking for new techniques to stay focused and accomplish more, and with Paras you can get there with ease.

While creating tasks, you are able to organize individual tasks within projects, set deadlines, and also delegate tasks to other members of your team. These options allow you to stay on top of the smaller details of your projects so you are always in the know and can easily track progress. Paras removes the stress of managing multiple projects and allows you to focus on higher level action items so you can work towards your goals at a faster pace.

Paras tracks accomplishments and fosters self-improvement.

Paras not only helps you and your team stay coordinated and in constant communication, it also creates alignment amongst team members and helps them stay aware of personal and team goals. Instead of having to administer strict quarterly and yearly reviews, you’re able to award stars for work well done and leave constructive feedback for continuous improvement. By creating an environment via Paras where you’re tracking individual performance and progress, you will have a better understanding of your team’s efficiency and also areas where your team can improve.

Paras incorporates these features so you can inspire your team to focus on improving their own processes and get to a point where they recognize that they are producing great work. Be the best manager ever with Paras ;)

Paras is free!

Last but definitely not least, Paras is completely free. With a full suite of features and capabilities, Paras is a valuable tool that will help strengthen and grow your business; the combination of tools that promise increased productivity, frictionless collaboration, and continuous improvement will help you and your team get to the next level together.

Check out Paras for yourself and get started today!