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What Sparks Your Creativity?

Have you experienced the feeling of being stuck in a creative rut? If you’re nodding your head yes, you probably agree that it’s not the best feeling. The lack of inspiration that fuels this annoying phenomenon is something that many professionals encounter more than a just few times in their career. This leads us to a very important question: what sparks your creativity? Here are some simple ways to get your creative spark back if you’re feeling dull.

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Start Reflecting. It's Good for You.

Whether we’re trying to beat a deadline, support our team, or take care of our daily tasks, it can be incredibly difficult to stop and take a moment to reflect on the day’s events. Even though we live in a fast paced world where eating lunch at your desk and working longer hours has become the norm, studies show that breaks and time away from one’s computer is absolutely necessary for maintaining energy and productivity levels –– especially if it involves reflection.

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Science Agrees with Morning Routines. Here's Why.

The beginning of every new year brings the following question: How can I improve myself this year? Many of us will commit to a new exercise regimen, a healthier diet, or one of the many other positive habits we all crave to achieve. But there’s one habit in particular that theoretically is easy to establish, but happens to be out of reach for many individuals: a proper morning routine.

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Read More Books – It's Good for You

When was the last time you read a book? Many of us have become reliant on the internet as the main source of our reading material and although it’s very important to stay in the loop and consume the latest news and updates in pop culture, the benefits of reading a book outweigh the more consumable options by lengths.

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