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Paras is the productivity app for T.E.A.Ms on the go

because Together Everyone Achieves More


Why Paras?

Paras was built because the existing productivity apps are complicated, demands your full attention, yet do very little.

We asked ourselves, “Can’t we keep in touch via SMS and use it to manage our tasks?”. This led us to develop Paras, a chat-based productivity app. We had 3 criteria while designing Paras::

  • Paras should allow us to manage personal and work projects.

  • Paras should be simple and needs little to no maintenance

  • Paras should be mobile

You must try Paras, it is FREE. And, tell us how well we have delivered on our promise.


Paras is for the leader in you

From your team, you want predictable results, you want drama-free collaboration, you want spontaneous initiative.
Only if it was that easy …

We get it, you don’t want to nag anyone …

YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Paras makes team members accountable. When you assign a task, Paras ask them to accept it by setting a deadline - Paras even helps pick a deadline that works for everyone. After that Paras keep you updated on the progress and keep nudging them to keep their promise! You can even rate their work.


“I haven't been this excited for an app since, well, ever. All I want to do is get my co-workers on board and start collaborating ... This app is everything I've been looking for!”

— Jennifer Abela (A Paras user)


Paras is for the rebel in you…

You defy to innovate and create the change!

Paras gives you permission to break the rules. Find freedom in constraints. Be like Dr. Seuss who wrote the best seller using only 53 words! (And no, it’s not Cat in the Hat)

With Paras you fully display your authenticity. You commit on your own terms. You set your own deadlines or push them back. Paras will take care of the boring stuff e.g. updating schedules, updating everyone, etc.


“Love it! I've tried many to do / calendar / planner / agenda apps and none of them met my needs…“

— Cody Grace (A Paras user)


Paras is for the bragger in you…

Bragging is good!

Scientists agree that bragging triggers the same sensation in your brain when eating or having sex! It’s even better than having substance.

You do a lot of things every day. But, you have nothing but complaints at the end of the day. Fortunately, Paras is here to keep track of your accomplishments! We give you two key numbers: Ratings and Promises Kept Ratio. They show your commitment and the quality of your work. Share it proudly with the world and let them do the bragging for you!


“Just found this app and am SO excited about it. I've been looking for this kind of productivity app for a long time! … Let's say I did everything on my to do now I can enjoy a set reward that could also be checked off. Or the reward could be based on the score of the % kept promises.“

— Diana Grigoryan (A Paras user)


Paras is for the organizer in you…

Projects, Sub-Projects, and Checklists? Check!
Labels, Tags, and Categories? Check!
Calendars, and Planner? Check!
Timeline? Check!

Want more? How about the prioritized list of daily things to-do made up of your personal and work commitments? Yep! Paras does that! This is nothing short of a genie making your bed in the morning!


“It is a very useful application for my daily life. I was totally mess with my single life. This app always remember my daily routine and meetings.“

— Atuar Feru (A Paras user)


Paras is for the perfectionist in you…

What do Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Serina Williams have in common? They’re perfectionists like you. You insist on giving your best. You set high standards for yourself and proactively work towards them.

Paras helps you overcome the dark side of being a perfectionist. It helps you avoid procrastination and complete projects on time. Powerful workflow lets you build the confidence of your team to get the job done while having high standards!


“Nice Todo App. Very well and clearly designed and structured. I love the user interface and the simplicity of the app. Thanks to the developer.“

Ivan Weber (A Paras user)


Paras is for the achiever in you…

You are the one!

You are organized, committed, and results oriented. Exceptional achievers don’t rely on their talents alone. They devote themselves fully… Even obsessively to quality.

Paras provides statistics and charts to identify opportunities for improvement for yourself and the team. It could be as simple as finding time for yourself and loved ones. Or something more lasting like creating harmony between work and personal commitments.


What’s in a name?

Paras is a mythical stone that turns anything it touches into gold!

Paras is a Sanskrit (the old Hindi language) word for the Philosopher’s stone, also known as the elixir of life. It symbolizes perfection. We named our app Paras because we promise that it will have the same effect on you. It will help you get organized and accomplish more in your personal and work life.

Let’s get started on the Magnum Opus of transforming your life!