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Accomplish More

Paras is the productivity app for the teams on the go.


Increase Productivity

Powerful time-management tool improves your productivity, while streamlined collaboration workflow makes everyone within the team accountable


Stay Focused

Improve personal productivity by focusing on important and prioritized tasks. Paras automatically combines to-dos from your personal and work lists that are due today. Work on completing this list one item at a time.



Get more done with the team. Easily assign tasks to others. Paras will keep you informed on the progress of a task while giving your team members the flexibility to set their schedule based on your suggested priorities.


Frictionless Collaboration

Paras makes it easy for you to actively participate and contribute towards the common goal. Paras' automated workflow keep everyone on the same page while chat feature makes it a snap to clarify the expectations.


Smart Workflow

In Paras, all your delegated tasks are organized in a separate group, making it easy for you to follow up on them. Its powerful workflow update status and send alerts making it easy to keep everyone on the same page.



Have a focused discussion with one or multiple team members about a task at hand. You can even attach documents making it easy for everyone to access all the related information, decisions, and documents from one place.

Continuous Improvement

Paras’s statistics help you identify the self-improvement opportunities while built-in review process allows you to provide instant feedback on the quality of work, so your team members can improve over time.



Gone are the days of yearly review. Paras provides you with an instant feedback mechanism. Award stars for the work-well-done. And leave constructive feedback for continuous improvement. Cumulative ratings are available for everyone to view and the driver of self-improvement



It is inevitable, you have to have a heart-to-heart talk with a team member. Paras is here to help. Review their profile to understand their workload, their efficiency, and quality of work. Personal profiles offer even more opportunities to identify the areas of improvements. For example review your cycle-time to improve efficiency.


Paras - Accomplish More

Paras is a powerful to-do/project manager app. Use it as a simple to do list to achieve focus or as a comprehensive project management system to delegate tasks, organize to-dos into projects, track progress and collaborate with teams using chat.

Paras' simple design makes it easy and fun to create and complete to-dos, collaborate with a team using chat messages, report progress on a project or give feedback on tasks.